Pinnacle® Cat Foods Customer Experiences

Dear Pinnacle,
We have a retired breeder PixieBob who was used simply as a kitten factory. When she was retired, she was basically feral, so we have had a long challenge to civilize her. She had been fed only dry Friskies food with an occasional spoonful of wet Friskies as a treat. She has been a challenge to feed as she is unbelievably hard to please. I spent a lot of time doing research on cat food and found that she needed a low-carb high protein food. We tried a number of kibble brands but she refused them all. She also refused raw food completely. Finally, we discovered the Pinnacle dry food and it is miraculous!! She loves it and I feel comfortable that she is receiving a diet that is in keeping with her natural food requirements. I hope we will always be able to find this product wherever we travel, as we live full-time in a motor home.

Thanks for making a quality product that feeds our cat like a cat, not a cow!!!


Dear Pinnacle,
Your Pinnacle Peak cat food was a miracle for my 10-month-old cat Monty. He developed bloody diarrhea after being switched to Science Diet dry adult cat food. My vet told me to do some "sleuthing" and try some other brands. I did with no luck until I found Pinnacle. I was immediately impressed with the ingredients. By faith, I fed it to Monty and it was a miracle. Within 12 hours, his bowel movements were solid with no blood. Pinnacle is the best, and I will feed him nothing less. Thanks for your great product! I have passed this along to my vet and I hope she recommends Pinnacle to other patients.


I have a little feline companion named Curry who is sadly positive for FeLV. Though for the most part she is healthy, she has incredible sensitivity an to food. I used to buy the "sensitive stomach" type of dry food but she would vomit at least a few times a week. I even bought her the expensive Science Diet thinking that was the top brand food you could buy for a cat but Curry would still vomit her food.

One day I stopped into Bill's Wonderland of Pets to buy Curry her Science Diet but I was amazed that the store didn't carry it. I spoke with the owner to ask of its whereabouts and he took the time to ask why I had chosen that particular brand of food. I explained Curry's situation and he then told me I was giving her the wrong type of food. He showed me a healthier brand, which was the Pinnacle dry cat food. He explained the healthy properties of the food and even gave me a sample to ensure that I would see a difference with Curry. Your product worked miracles!! I was back at the store a day later and purchased a large bag for my baby. She will still throw-up occasionally, which is inevitable with her condition and somewhat normal for cats, but no were near what it used to be. Curry's coat looks healthier and she's much more active!

I went to my vet, who predominantly sells Science Diet in this office, and told them to do their homework! I showed them the empty sample bag of the food and told them this is what they should be selling. I love that they hadn't even heard of it. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I will do my part and spread the word of your brand, as it truly speaks for itself.